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Award II Fire Ant Bait is a great product to control fire ants. Landscape examples include commercial, residential, public and industrial buildings; recreational areas and parks; playgrounds; schools; and churches. It is safe for use around citrus, walnut and almond trees in landscapes. It can also be used in commercial nursery production of container-grown and field ornamentals and non-bearing trees. Award II Fire Ant Bait works by containing oil in the bait that attracts fire ants. Worker ants take the bait and take it over to the mound where it is passed to other workers and then to the queen ant. This product is a slow-acting stomach insecticide that will slowly kill the ants. When it reaches the queen, it will cause the egg production to quickly end and terminate the colony.


Active Ingredient: Abamectin - 0.011%
Target pests: Fire ants
For use in: Landscapes, including Lawns
* Do not apply to sod farms
Application: 1 lb. per acre - Apply after dew or after the rain has dried for maximum effectiveness and with ground application equipment only
* Do Not apply more than 1 lb. per acre and Do Not apply more than 4 lbs. per acre per year

For individual mound treatment, use 5 - 7 tablespoons per mound and sprinkle the bait uniformly in a circle around the base of the mound - 2 to 4 feet out
* Do not treat more than 12 ant mounds per acre, if there are more than 12 mounds follow directions for broadcast application

* See label for complete application instructions
Pet safe: Yes, if used as directed on the label
Manufactured By: Syngenta (Manufacturer Product Number: 47127)


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